• Bucklesbury Mini Handbag

    An elegant choice for everyday or evening

  • Bucklesbury Backpack

    Perfect for travel, business and equipment

  • Bucklesbury Umbrellas

    Handmade and rain tested in England

  • Bucklesbury For Men Collection

    A fine collection of exquisitely made accessories

  • Bucklesbury For Men Collection

    An exquisite fusion of British and Italian style

Bucklesbury Mini handbag

The Bucklebury Mini is crafted from exquisite soft-touch Italian leather and quality metal hardware.  The internal frame of each bag is individually hand built from wood by specialist Italian carpenters.  The Mini is an elegant and unique choice for everyday or evening that embodies the Bucklesbury design motif.

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  • The Bucklesbury Mini handbag

    Individually handcrafted in Italy

  • The Bucklesbury Mini handbag

    An elegant and unique choice

  • The Bucklesbury Mini handbag

    In exquisite soft-touch Italian leather

Bucklesbury Tote handbag

Enjoy the exquisite detailing and Italian craftsmanship of our deep shine croc print Tote handbags.  Handcrafted from beautiful Italian leather and complemented by a black microfibre interior.

  • Bucklesbury Tote handbag

    Exquisite detailing and Italian craftsmanship

  • Bucklesbury Tote handbag

    Ideal to use for travel, business or everyday

  • Deep shine black croc Tote

    The perfect everyday companion

  • Bucklesbury Tote handbag

    Handcrafted from fine Italian leather

Bucklesbury Backpack

The Bucklesbury Backpack is inspired by the original Bucklesbury Laptop Bag and designed with excellent weight distribution that makes it perfect for travel, business and equipment.

Bucklesbury Laptop Bag

Handcrafted in Italy using fine Italian leather and artisan methods that have been passed down for many generations, the rigid body of the Bucklesbury Laptop Bag is ideal for travel, business and equipment.

Bucklesbury Umbrellas - Handmade & Rain Tested in England

Bucklesbury umbrellas are handmade and rain tested in London, England using the highest-quality materials and feature a completely unique Italian-made polished Maple crook handle that is scorched using real flames.

  • Bucklesbury Umbrellas

    Handmade and rain tested in England

About Bucklesbury

Traditional European Luxury

Bucklesbury embodies the values of traditional European luxury and was founded on the simple artisan principles of beautiful design, practicality, high-quality materials and solid craftsmanship.  An enduring heritage of creating small numbers of beautiful and timeless items borne from classic design but with a contemporary twist mean that every item in the range embodies a distinctive style motif.

Handmade For Women & Men

Timeless beauty, quality and reliability are not gender-specific and so the majority of the Bucklesbury range is enjoyed by women and men.  Every item is designed in Britain to be a classic and timeless investment piece that transcends season and fashion, and is then handmade in Italy by highly skilled craftsmen who use traditional techniques that combine artisan with artistry to create each item.

Beautiful & Life Enhancing

The original Bucklesbury Attaché was a high-status investment piece that was elegant and beautiful but also so practical as to be life-enhancing.  Today a small range of exquisitely-crafted Bucklesbury items are still produced in limited numbers and exported all around the world.  Bucklesbury is a perfect gift to mark a landmark occasion and an ideal companion for ascending to new triumphs.

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