The London Wedding Umbrella - Crafted From A Single Piece Of Maple - Ivory White

The London Wedding Umbrella
The London Ladies Umbrella is light and elegant whilst also epitomising the highest levels of umbrella manufacture and design and the classic feminine couture that were once synonymous with London society. 

The handle and shaft of The London Ladies Umbrella are crafted from a single uncut piece of Maple wood that is sourced from sustainable FSC-accredited forests in England and provides for a strong construction that far exceeds any other umbrella available.

The quintessentially umbrella transitions effortlessly from being the accessory of choice when in town to protecting from the elements of nature in the countryside.  When used in London the visibly uncompromising quality and design of The London Ladies Umbrella are the hallmark of a highly discerning owner.

In the countryside The London Ladies Umbrella marks out a respect for the quality materials of the natural world and their sustainable use in a product that is built for longevity.

Each edition of The London Ladies Umbrella is handmade in London, England, by skilled umbrella makers who have continued the tradition since 1805. 

As with all of Bucklesbury's handmade umbrellas for men and umbrellas for women, The London Ladies Umbrella carries the ‘Rain Tested In England ™’ trademark in recognition of its unique provenance in a country that is world famous for its rainy weather. 


The London Umbrella comes beautifully presented within a 100% cotton bag which is placed into an elegant  ‘Rain Tested In England ™’ presentation box measuring 100cm x 12cm x 7cm.

Materials and Provenance
  • Handle and stick crafted as a single piece from Maple wood.
  • Hand-assembled high-endurance framework/ribs and sturdy metal springs made in Sheffield, England.
  • Non ferrous trim and a high-density-weave polyester canopy.


  • 0.5kg weight.
  • 91cm umbrella length.
  • 106cm umbrella canopy diameter.


Each Bucklesbury umbrella is handmade in London, England in the tradition dating back to 1805.  Follow @Bucklesbury on Instagram to see more images.

Alternative Colours

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