Heirloom Recipe Book In Black Leather

This Heirloom Recipe Book by Bucklesbury is a 233-page A4-sized blank hardback book
for noting down recipes to be passed down for future generations to enjoy. The book
has been created for those who want to invest in a new family heirloom that is created
and designed to last for many generations.
Every family has a food story and too often the legacy of the great cooks in a family
diminishes with time. The Heirloom Recipe Book is designed so that current
generations can record and pass on family recipes and create family traditions.
The Heirloom Recipe Book is a unique and special gift that is appreciated by young and
old. The book is printed and hand bound in England using paper from local mills and
reflects the commitment to artisan craftsmanship and traditional European luxury that is
the Bucklesbury signature.
The pages inside the heavy A4 leather-bound hardback book include:
- The name of the first person to write in the book.
- A contents page with room for the addition of 26 recipes.
- A blank double page for drawing a family tree.
- The life story of the first person to write in the book.
- A ledger of each person that the book gets passed on to.
- 26 blank recipe sections each with room for a recipe name, story, sketch, ingredients,
method, ‘secret’ and for future people to add comments to.
We have strived to balance sustainability with quality. From the paper produced by local
mills using wood sourced from FSC-accredited sustainable forests in England, through
to the gold gilded edges, metal corner protectors, cushioned covers and luxury slipcase,
this Heirloom Recipe Book is a fine example of traditional English craft.
Other features of Heirloom Recipe Book by Bucklesbury include:
- 21cm width x 30cm height (8.5 inch width x 12 inch height)
- 2.4 cm thickness, equivalent to a quality hardback book (1 inch thickness)
- Cushioned hardback cover with scratch resistant finish
- Gilded edges
- Protective metal corners

- 233 pages of high quality 100gsm British-milled, off-white paper inside
- Bookmark ribbon
- Embossed front endpaper in matching colour

Please scroll through the accompanying photos to see how each Bucklesbury Heirloom
Recipe Book is individually handcrafted in England using traditional bookbinding

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