Classic English Umbrellas

Bucklesbury Umbrellas are handmade in England by skilled craftsman who follow a long tradition of craftsmen who have continued the same trade of umbrella production at the same small London workshop since 1805.  This craft tradition means that a Bucklesbury umbrella is a strong and elegant umbrella you can feel proud to own, which will be strong and long lasting by-design thanks to such high quality craftsmanship and solid materials.  Bucklesbury ‘Rain Tested In England’ umbrellas are handmade from the highest quality materials including an Italian-made polished Maple crook handle that is scorched using real flames.  The Bucklesbury Beechwood Umbrella has a solid wooden core that is sourced from sustainable Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) accredited forests.  All Bucklesbury Umbrellas feature a hand assembled high-endurance framework and ribs with sturdy metal springs that are made in Sheffield, England.  The non ferrous umbrellas trim includes a high-density-weave polyester canopy that is available in a range of classic and striking colours.

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